Hope for Haiti's Children

Saving the Future of Haiti

Established in 2003, Hope For Haiti's Children is a 501c3 non-profit, that has focused its efforts on creating a public-school system in Haiti. Currently, schools are private and students must pay to attend school. That leaves the majority of Haiti's children on the streets instead of earning an education. This creates an endless cycle of children growing up to live in poverty. Solving poverty in Haiti begins with helping the children receive an education and provide necessary health care.


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Our Mission

HFHC aims to sponsor schools in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, in order to:

A.    Improve learning conditions for students.

B.    Improve the overall health, hygiene, and nutrition of students.

C.  Improve the education curriculum at the schools.
D.  Increase the amount and retention of students going to school.


Thanks to generous companies and individuals, HFHC has been able to provide over 300 children in Haiti with free education and health care at two of our schools.


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